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Police Gone Wild

Police Brutality

Excessive Force by Police

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I started this blog because of all of the reports of excessive police brutality, excessive force, and in some circumstances, poor police procedures. 

The program 'Non Violent Crisis Intervention' came out of the Los Angeles riots of the 1960s or 1970s.   It basically teaching one to remain calm and try and first use psychology to defuse the person. 

You are allowed to restrain someone under the following circumstances:  if they are a threat to themselves, others, or property. 

Provoking someone just so they can restrain them is probably something some police do.  

It is my opinion, that all police should take this course and follow it. 


I don't know why so many North American Police are so poorly trained but anyway...let's deal with the issues. 

It is one thing to take a course to learn how to be a police officer, but a lot of times people in any discipline need constant staff development to continue to be good at their jobs, to improve, and to practice badly needed skills to do their jobs properly. 

Let's use lifeguards as an example.  The first course they take is bronze medallion, it is basically a lot of theory and a few rescues.  Bronze cross is the specialization of spinal injuries and NLS (National Life Saving) is an intensive course that practice, over and over, the skills that one learns in medallion and cross. 

Another example, someone takes a screenwriting course and gets the theory that they know.  They then can take a Quality Evaluation Course which allows them to use their skills over and over to practice writing scenes.  

Another example, is people to work in health care, they constantly take more and more courses to improve how they interact and treat their patients.  The more one knows about the different diseases and how to treat them, the better they are at their jobs. 

So maybe the police just aren't doing enough staff development so they can constantly improve at what they do. 


Let's talk about specific incidents and other issues: 

Back in the 1980s, a Nurse in Toronto was charged for murdering ten infants at a Children's hospital.  First of all, there was absolutely NO hard evidence linking this person to any crime. Second of all, there was NEVER any evidence that a crime had been committed in the first place.  This nurse lost her Father and Brother (both general practitioners in her home town) who died of stress when both deaths occurred at times when the media were having their usual shark-feeding-frenzy over the story.  I know of two other long term care facilities that also had ten deaths in a row, it happens with critically ill people. 

So why was this nurse charged with ten murders when no murders occurred?  And why was her name released to the media when she wasn't even guilty?  Because the police are so poorly trained that they did this:  A) they arrested someone without any hard evidence (which constitutes defamation of character and mental anguish), and B) they had no hard evidence to begin with so the prosecutors should have known better than to even allow something like this to go to trail.  She was given $30,000. for this mistake, in my opinion, it should have been more like $3,000,000. one million each for her, her Father and Brother. 


Another situation:  First Nation People in New Brunswick were arrested for protesting the use of fracking chemicals in their watershed that they depend on for survival.  First of all, it is a KNOWN fact that these chemicals are toxic, kill all living matter and are flammable when they end up in people's wells.   So in this situation we have high paid petro-police arresting poor people who are only trying to protect the essential elements of survival from the greedy and destructive oil and gas company who are pathetic liars, all of them, who say they are 'safe' when their track records show that nothing could be further from the truth. 


Another story:  The Toronto G20 riots.  The Canadians Government went on a big spending spree after the 2008 recession and ran up the largest Canadian debt in history.  This spending spree saw all kinds of money going tax credits and stuff for the middle class and above, there was absolutely nothing in it for the poor.  So I think that is why there was such a big they expect the working poor to help pay back all that stuff.  The poor know that the police and other government officials are making high salaries, and that they've taken cuts to help fund it. 

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Another story:  A popular person is the frequently victim of harassment and sabotage.  So when immature and stupid people start reporting them for all kinds of bogus stuff, the police go around and violate all kinds of confidentiality laws, talking to neighbors, going to their door and harassing them for crimes that they are not mentally nor physically capable of committing in the first place.  Despite the fact there was never any victims nor hard evidence to prove that this was nothing but slander, they choose to cause this person all kinds of mental grief.  If they had have been trained by a properly trained prosecutor, they would have told them that you cannot harass nor arrest someone without hard evidence because it constitutes slander, harassment, decimation of character and can result in mental anguish.  

This harassment was so sever that when this person's father died, the gossiping bitches accused her of murder, so they exhumed their dead father's body and did an autopsy only to find that the father had died exactly as the person claimed they did, from clogged arteries in the heart.  The father had a long history of heart disease and clogged arteries, dating back twenty five years, and was having problems again.  He had told his sister about these problems.  So had the police spoken to the sister (a living relative) they could have saved the taxpayers thousands of dollars in exhumation fees, money that could have been better spent to help the poor.  This was just one more example of sever the harassment towards this person was.  The sad part was the people who did the harassment, relatives to whom the victim loved and trusted.  


Another story:  The police arrest someone with a bunch of weed plants in the house.  The room mate comes home during the arrest and they arrest them too, then release their name to the media.  Turns out, the room mate only rented there, was going to college, had nothing to do with the grow op, but now their name is tarnished on the freaking internet because the stupid police released their name to the media.  The charges against the room mate were dropped but it is too late for their reputation on the internet, it has been ruined by poorly trained, high-paid police who arrested someone who was trying to earn a living growing weed because there are not enough jobs going around to begin with and our federal government only knows how to create jobs in the destructive oil and gas sectors and everyone else can go to their new prison expansion program. 

Another story:  At the Vancouver airport one year, the police tazer to death a polish immigrant, who did not speak english, was looking for their mother whom the airport staff told was not there, when in fact he was in some waiting area and he went crazy.  Instead of the four officers trying to find a polish interpreter to try and find out what was wrong, and try to defuse the situation, they just tazered him to death.  So then, instead of just admitting they were wrong, as usual, the RCMP (who cannot admit when they are wrong) made the tax payer pay millions of dollars into an inquiry for wrong doing. 


Another story:  A delusional person with friends in the RCMP, gets their friend in the RCMP to hack into someone's (who does creative writing) computer, gives all of their intellectual property to the delusional person who then hands it out to producers without using the true author's name.  When the creative author questions the delusional person about it, they deny it and make threats.  So the creative person reports them to the RCMP who deny knowing the RCMP employee who worked for them for approximately 40 years. The creative author had to get mad before they would admit to this wrong doing.   The true author gets accused of stealing their own work and received absolutely no funds or credits for all of their hard work.  

Moral of the story: it is a KNOWN fact that the RCMP and CSIS cannot admit when they are wrong. 


Other stories are the shooting of all the black people and the unfair treatment of black people by the Police in the United States.  


I will add more stories as I think of them but I think you can see from these example that it is clearly a situation that the police are poorly trained.  

And Canada has clearly turned into a petro-police controlled state.  The government has put muzzles on anyone who tries to speak out against the destructive oil and gas industries.  Our Prime Minister's family and friends stand to make lots and lots of money from their 31 year deal with China and the rest of the globe, global warming, and climate change can basically go to hell because they really don't care.  And they have lots of high paid police who can arrest anyone who tries to speak out about it all.  Sigh.....


In my opinion, I find that the police have forgotten the 'hard evidence' factor.  Put your hard evidence on the table before you harass someone for a crime.